What is the Punishment for Plagiarism in Writing?

Plagiarism is a crime – this is a strong fact. It is wrong to go online and copy someone else’s work. People go through a lot of struggles when it comes to writing. They have to sit down for many hours, work on something and later post online. That is a hustle that many people cannot take. If you have trouble writing, it is better to seek help instead of copying. There is no way you can claim someone else’s work without putting in any effort. Most university students copy things online thinking that their professors will not know. It is easy to detect plagiarism. That is what you should know. The cases are becoming more and more because there is no strict action to stop it. The punishments institutions give students who plagiarize are inconsistent, which makes the crime continue because learners do not take it seriously.

Plagiarism is a Crime

It is no lie that plagiarism is a wrong and a big one. There is no way you can play with someone’s sweat and walk scot-free. For someone to publish his/her work online, you have to know it has taken them so much to reach there. You cannot assume all that for granted because you are too lazy to write on your own. If you get found with a case of plagiarism, you will have to pay a maximum pay of $50000 or go to jail for a year. If you copy, work online and make a maximum of $2500 out of it, be ready to pay a maximum fine of $250000, or you will have to stay in jail for ten years.

 What is the need to make such an avoidable mistake when you can work hard and earn your own money without going through hell? The punishments for plagiarism are minimal, which is why there are so many cases concerning it. Most people who get found with such issues in their workplaces have to resign, and that is it. That is not enough for such a crime because people can apply for a job elsewhere and get it without any difficulty. Most companies protect their offenders because they are not ready to spoil their company name. It is a crime that happens in many companies, but none comes out to talk about it.

There is no way a wrong can stop entirely without a punishment. If you are an employer, you can stress to your employees about the dangers of plagiarism, but when one does the wrong, you keep quiet and tell them to prevent it. That is wrong because the next time, another employee will still make the same mistake. To avoid the same mistake from happening twice or many times, there should be a severe punishment in place.

Plagiarism Prevention

It is excellent to prevent plagiarism because it is possible. Talk to people about the dangers, how it can get stopped, and the importance of citing sources, and there will be a change. People can use apps that can detect plagiarism and afterward correct necessary mistakes. It is perfect for correcting your errors early instead of getting yourself into trouble. Do not assume any prevention because you never know what can come your way. You have to be on the safest side because you may end up spending a lot of cash if you are found guilty of such a problem.

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