Tips to Start and End Your Essay

They can be dramatic, factual, and emotional, but all essays must have a beginning and an end. A good essay will have a clear thesis statement and conclusion to guide the reader through your work. And if you don’t meet these criteria, it’s possible that you might not achieve what you set out to do … [Read more…]

Writing an Outstanding Expository Essay

As a student, there are different types of essays that you can write. Every one of these types has its peculiar aims and objectives, which makes them unique. An expository essay also has its uniqueness. You must understand its requirements to write this type of writing. A basic understanding of these requirements is key to … [Read more…]

Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetoric analysis essay is a critical analysis of a written text such as drama, prose, articles, speeches, etc. Its purpose is, however, not to prove a point but to provide a deeper view of the entire text and the different perspectives presented in it. This type of analysis uses effective and convincing techniques. This … [Read more…]