Essay Writing Secrets Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:20:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 How to Make Your Essay Stand Out Wed, 09 Jun 2021 09:02:47 +0000 [Read more...]]]> The moment you are in college, you have to write an essay because it is a must. There is no way you can compare college with high school because they are different. If you think you will write a shallow essay in college, you are wrong because you will only be spoiling your chances of getting a good grade. If you are in college and do not know the correct way to write an essay, you are in the place because you will learn everything you want to know.

If you want to be a professional writer, you must know the correct procedure and tips to follow. There is no way you can write an excellent paper if you do not know the right criteria to follow. You have to practice because there is no way you can improve your writing skills if you sit around putting no effort. If you take your time and follow all the tips, there is no way you will ever regret it.

  1. Your First Paragraph Should be Captivating

The secret to getting a good grade on your essay is to have a top-notch introduction. It worked for many people, and there is no way it will not work for you. The reader will either be bored or impressed with your first paragraph. If you take your time and write a captivating paragraph, the reader will want to read more of your work, which is already a bonus. When you are in a hurry and end up writing shitty sentences, there is no way the reader will waste his/her time. There are ways you can impress the reader:

  • The first statement you start with should be strong.
  • Go for an intriguing quote.
  • Speak directly to the reader
  1. Be Real

If you want to make an impression, you have to be real. Many people make the mistake of writing for the sake of not thinking whether they are real or not. There is a way a reader can tell if you are real or not by the way you write your points and how they sound. You have to be careful here not to make any mistakes. You always have to use your personality, not of anyone else. If you want to use that voice, you have to think about yourself, not any other party.

  1. Do Not be Boring

It is hard to write a paper that will make the reader happy. If you want to nail it, you have to be unique. That is the secret. No shortcut can help you apart from that. If someone takes you one for the first time, you have to do everything within your power to ensure that he/she is impressed with you when the date is over. That is the same way when it comes to writing an essay; you only have one chance to prove yourself. If you write a dull paper, there is no way you can prove yourself because it will be too late. You have to put effort and write your essay as if there will never be another chance.

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What is the Punishment for Plagiarism in Writing? Wed, 09 Jun 2021 08:59:58 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Plagiarism is a crime – this is a strong fact. It is wrong to go online and copy someone else’s work. People go through a lot of struggles when it comes to writing. They have to sit down for many hours, work on something and later post online. That is a hustle that many people cannot take. If you have trouble writing, it is better to seek help instead of copying. There is no way you can claim someone else’s work without putting in any effort. Most university students copy things online thinking that their professors will not know. It is easy to detect plagiarism. That is what you should know. The cases are becoming more and more because there is no strict action to stop it. The punishments institutions give students who plagiarize are inconsistent, which makes the crime continue because learners do not take it seriously.

Plagiarism is a Crime

It is no lie that plagiarism is a wrong and a big one. There is no way you can play with someone’s sweat and walk scot-free. For someone to publish his/her work online, you have to know it has taken them so much to reach there. You cannot assume all that for granted because you are too lazy to write on your own. If you get found with a case of plagiarism, you will have to pay a maximum pay of $50000 or go to jail for a year. If you copy, work online and make a maximum of $2500 out of it, be ready to pay a maximum fine of $250000, or you will have to stay in jail for ten years.

 What is the need to make such an avoidable mistake when you can work hard and earn your own money without going through hell? The punishments for plagiarism are minimal, which is why there are so many cases concerning it. Most people who get found with such issues in their workplaces have to resign, and that is it. That is not enough for such a crime because people can apply for a job elsewhere and get it without any difficulty. Most companies protect their offenders because they are not ready to spoil their company name. It is a crime that happens in many companies, but none comes out to talk about it.

There is no way a wrong can stop entirely without a punishment. If you are an employer, you can stress to your employees about the dangers of plagiarism, but when one does the wrong, you keep quiet and tell them to prevent it. That is wrong because the next time, another employee will still make the same mistake. To avoid the same mistake from happening twice or many times, there should be a severe punishment in place.

Plagiarism Prevention

It is excellent to prevent plagiarism because it is possible. Talk to people about the dangers, how it can get stopped, and the importance of citing sources, and there will be a change. People can use apps that can detect plagiarism and afterward correct necessary mistakes. It is perfect for correcting your errors early instead of getting yourself into trouble. Do not assume any prevention because you never know what can come your way. You have to be on the safest side because you may end up spending a lot of cash if you are found guilty of such a problem.

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Tips to Start and End Your Essay Wed, 09 Jun 2021 08:59:46 +0000 [Read more...]]]> They can be dramatic, factual, and emotional, but all essays must have a beginning and an end. A good essay will have a clear thesis statement and conclusion to guide the reader through your work. And if you don’t meet these criteria, it’s possible that you might not achieve what you set out to do in the first place.

Besides, the beginning and end of an essay can play a significant role in its development. If you’re looking for tips on how to start or end your essay, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of some tips on how to begin and conclude an essay:

How to Begin Your Essay

The first paragraph should introduce your topic properly. Keep in mind that the first paragraph is about the basic “who, what, where, when.” You should have a thesis statement in this paragraph. It will give you a guide to move forward with your essay.

Your essay’s introduction should also grab the reader’s attention right away. Either begin with an interesting quotation, statistic, or anecdote or start with an arresting statement that will make your subject and purpose clear and definite.

Use humor to start your essay. It’s very important because the reader must know that he is receiving a meaningful message from you. If you choose funny anecdotes, quotes, or statistics, you make your writing even more interesting and clever.

Your essay’s tone should be friendly and casual on the first page because it will be followed by many pages full of discussion. If you choose an aggressive or formal tone, the reader might get lost or feel that your essay is boring.

How to End Your Essay

In the last paragraph, you should offer a summary of your perspective and offer a conclusion. You don’t necessarily need to use all the words you used in the introduction. If you leave some out, it can still adequately convey your message. But if you don’t use any new words, then the reader might get confused or question if there is anything to conclude.

But just like the beginning of your essay, keep the last paragraph interesting as well. Try to end your essay on a serious or somber note. It is not a time for jokes or laughter. Here, you want to make sure that the reader has grasped your point of view and that he leaves with an impression as strong as when he began reading your essay.

Besides, you should use a good transition sentence. You can use anything from “in conclusion,” “thus,” or “must be…”

What else? Even though you should avoid comparisons in your introduction, it isn’t a bad idea to end with a comparison. It will let the reader know that you understand where he is coming from and that you have an answer to his questions.

If you include thoughts on what the future might hold for your subject here, it will leave a lasting impression on the reader.

You should end your essay with a resounding thought. Make sure that you use a concluding statement that leaves the reader thinking, “Yes, he’s right!”

End with the beginning. If your essay introduction was fascinating, you could end with the same element you used, to begin with. It will help tie up all loose ends and make sure that your essay has a complete feeling.

End in the middle. If your essay doesn’t show a complete feeling, you can end in the middle, before the climax. It will still create suspense for the reader and keep him interested until you end with a good ending.

Conclude with a summary. If your essay doesn’t have a complete or strong ending, you can end your essay with a summary. It will help to keep the reader focused on what you are trying to bring across.

End with a joke or witty statement. It keeps the reader from thinking about anything negative and leaves him remembering the positive things about your essay.

We hope that these tips help you in writing a good essay. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Hints to Write your Brilliant College Admission Essay Easily Thu, 04 Mar 2021 16:07:27 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Lost College admissions experts tend to offer tips on topic selection and also writing and editing your text. The college essay is a platform to illuminate your writing skills, and it is 1 of the few parts where applicants can use their voice to shine. It offers students a golden chance to show off their personality. 

Most College applicants 10 to try a good impression through the essays to Bolster their chances of getting accepted in several hundred words. It could mean facing a lot of pressure, especially when deciding on what to write. 

When writing an application essay, you need to stress being coherent, pleasant, concise, accurate, and honest. You should also ensure that you flex your intellectual muscles and input some vivid details. Here’s what you need to know when crafting your essay. 

How to get started 

The best time to start writing your essay is in the summer period before Completing your Senior year; since this time, there aren’t as many extracurricular activities or homework to consume your mental energy or time. 

If you start writing early, you’ll have plenty of time to get through many draughts before the deadline arrives. 

Picking a college essay topic 

The most daunting step in writing the essay is Finding what to write about. There are many prompts to choose from, and most of them are usually open-ended and broad, which allows students to have the freedom of writing across a wide range of topics. Students are advised to Narrow their focus and include a specific experience or event including, something personal like their strengths or what they value. As a student, you can also write about your background. 

You don’t have to include a significant achievement in your writing. 

In case a student has trouble thinking about the topics to write, they are obliged to ask family or friends to assist. You should understand that the essay should illuminate a piece of information that admission officers don’t know. 

Steps to writing the essay 

Before writing your essay, it gets advised that you are applying the structure I heard of your writing. You must know that you are in charge of your writing process, and you’re required to use whatever works for you that you have applied in the previous assignments in high school or college. You do not need to make perfection on the first draft of your essay. Just think and put it down, that’s all. 

In case you have a hard time starting, you should probably Focus on the first sentence since it should hook and grab the reader’s attention. 

The process of editing and submitting 

The college admissions officers always try to know more about the students through their essays, and through that, they’ll also get the students’ writing skills, and therefore you should ensure that you submit the best of your work. 

When Writing as a student, show instead of telling. Ensure that you show examples of the traits you embody in the text instead of telling the reader that you do have them. 

After you edit the essay, work on getting outside help. You can either send it to editing services or use your family or fellow students to assist you. 

When proofreading, ensure that you do it in two stages. First, check the content, which entails looking for gaps in the essay, and after kneeling the content, the second stage involves grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation. Ensure that your proofreaders don’t alter the tone of the text. 

Most students tend to stress about the particular essay, but they should know that it is not the only thing the admission officers can look at. The paper acts as a small window, and the rest of the application is like the house. You should, therefore, not mistake the essay for the central part of the application says there are many other pieces involved.

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Tips For Avoiding Plagiarism in Your Written Papers Thu, 04 Mar 2021 16:01:36 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Plagiarism is by far the most dreaded mistake a student can make in college or University. Plagiarism is the act of copying or stealing somebody else’s work and incorporating it into your own without giving the other credit. It also means committing literary theft to present it as an original or new idea from a well-known source. 

Plagiarism is considered among the most Acute violations when it comes to scholarly writing. You may face severe consequences as a student and may even risk expulsion from the university or college. To avoid any of these, ensure that you do away with any form of plagiarism before submitting your essay. Though this might be hunting not to come by, it is the nature of writing the article itself that drives many people into making a mistake. 

When writing an academic essay or any other paper, it is always good to show the reader and the marker that you have done intensive reading under the subject. While doing so, you should remember to demonstrate a fresh and new perspective to illuminate the topic suggested. Please make reference to good readings and sources, especially their authoritative ones, and at the same time try and express your opinions as much as you can. 

Forms of plagiarism 

  1. Copying content from a given source without citing or acknowledging 
  2. Utilizing someone else’s thoughts and ideas without referring to the writer or other of the material 
  3. Presenting work from somebody else as your own or your ideas 
  4. Paraphrasing improperly 

Your professor would not care if you accidentally or deliberately plagiarize content. Plagiarism is a crime in academic terms and, therefore, will get treated with the seriousness it deserves. If you want to be safe, always remember the first rule. 

If you want to avoid pleasures in your work, ensure that you said the sources you have used. You do not have to imply it only when you use a common idea or a fact in line with the audience. 

Examples of common knowledge include what: 

  • the reader already understands and knows 
  • people can find easily in general sources of reference 
  • has not been cited in any other source 

To keep off from plagiarizing content as a writer, start documenting your sources as soon as you start conducting research. That will help you register all the references without going through a hard time after writing. 

While writing a draft, ensure that you, not the areas you consider yours, mark the ones you have drawn from other regions. To make work even more manageable, underline no work of another author while writing your notes. that will help you distinguish between what’s yours and what’s not. When you paraphrase, try as hard as you can to not look at the primary source and try to use your memory while writing. Counter check and make corrections on any inaccuracy That may occur in the process of jotting. 

Also, remember to limit the number of quotations that get considered as direct the most authentic ones. If you over-quote other sources, your writing will lose its originality our voice since it will look like you are writing other people’s thoughts and ideas in your work. Honest, try as much as you can to write your own opinions and statements to bring out the originality and authenticity from you down to your work.

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Purchasing Custom Essays Online Without Getting Caught Thu, 04 Mar 2021 15:57:48 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Several students around the world utilize their systems of writing services to complete their assignments. There are many reasons why students choose to go down this Lane. They have a lot of tasks to handle, and some studies prove complicated to them. Students have an alert on their plate when they’re in school, and they may not have the time to hand in papers within the deadlines. Many of them may have personal complications, which can act as an obstacle in their education line. For this reason, many of them opt for online help. It comes with a significant risk, which is getting caught in the act.

Almost everyone knows that utilizing the help of online writing services is not allowed, and if students get caught in such acts, they’ll get served with punishments. As a student, you should know and understand the consequences that might get you if you buy content online at Other lecturers may choose not to hand you your marks or grades for the assignment. Therefore, it would help if you thought twice before you dive in to buy a paper online.

If you have sought help online in the recent past, you must ensure that the website to use gives you the necessary conditions to be in stealth mode.

Avoid using a company’s services dealing with writing, especially if they fail to protect and secure their databases. You must also ensure that the writer’s writing style is the same as the one you have in school because your professors and teachers will surely know if the essay you have submitted doesn’t belong to you. Here are some tips to help you out.

Go through the security of the website

You must protect your private data. This information can never get revealed to anybody else. To ensure this is intact, check to see if the website offers security 100%. Also, ensure that they’re no third party users.

Do not give your real identity

It doesn’t matter whether you trust the platform or not. Never give out your real identity to strangers. In no way are you obliged to provide your name. Since you are a user online, you can easily find a nickname that you can use since millions of other people do. Even if your professor decides to peruse through the Internet, they will never see you.

Do not provide the real email

Never leave your actual email in the database of the only dating services. The Internet is a global village, and it may either make or destroy you. Nowadays, there are many hackers, and tracking your online path will be as easy as a button click.  When orders get sent to your email, anybody can spot them.

Rephrase every inch of your paper

After receiving the article from the online writing services, it is best that you re-write the whole piece. When choosing a writer, ensure that they can adjust to your writing style. It may be hard to imitate somebody else’s style, but it is possible to rewrite the whole paper in your own words with the same content. The process may take you a bit of time, but it is better to write the article straight from scratch than to hand in work that could get traced over the Internet. It would help if you, therefore, made it worthwhile.

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Writing an Outstanding Expository Essay Mon, 18 May 2020 08:43:04 +0000 [Read more...]]]> As a student, there are different types of essays that you can write. Every one of these types has its peculiar aims and objectives, which makes them unique. An expository essay also has its uniqueness. You must understand its requirements to write this type of writing. A basic understanding of these requirements is key to the success of your essay. Your essay must have all it all in order, even from the get-go. As much as you can, try not to miss anything, not even the basics.

One has first to understand the assignment to have excellent grades in any assignment. That leaves us with an important question, what is an expository essay? Giving a good answer to this question is your first step towards writing an outstanding essay. Expository essays are essays written to explain and share an understanding of particular subject areas. You should shed light on a given matter. Your readers should be able to see your position as regards the subject at the end of the essay.

Learn to write using Expository Essay Examples

You have to read different examples to understand how to write or buy expository essays of high quality. These examples come in different varieties of investigations, assessments, or argumentation. While preparing your paper, do not forget the main aim is to shed light on the subject. Try to seek out expository essay examples that were written professionally. Be sure that experts in the field of concern wrote your examples.
You should choose as many expository essay topics as you can. By doing this, you will have a bird’s eye view of what they all require. Besides, you will be stretching the limits of your mind to a full understanding of this assignment.

How to write definition expository essay

If you are dealing with a particular term or maybe a definition in your expository essay, you would have to go through thorough research. This research is so you can fully understand the subject. The key to note here is a careful study of the issue.

You must approach your definition expository essay from the point of view that is well informed. In picking your information sources to guide your writing, ensure that you select only the best. You must keep in mind that you are expected to give reliable facts, statistics, and information rather than just airing your personal opinions.

Like in every other essay type, your expository essay should start with an introduction. This essay should be with a body containing facts, data, and information to support your claims. In the end, you’ll finish up with a conclusion. All three parts of your essay must be cohesive and have a general tone of agreement.

The best way to write an essay is first to take some time to understand what it is and what it requires. You should write your expository essay only after you have gone through the topic, and you have all the facts you need.

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Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Mon, 18 May 2020 08:40:14 +0000 [Read more...]]]> A rhetoric analysis essay is a critical analysis of a written text such as drama, prose, articles, speeches, etc. Its purpose is, however, not to prove a point but to provide a deeper view of the entire text and the different perspectives presented in it. This type of analysis uses effective and convincing techniques.
This type of essay is not about what the reader agrees with or doesn’t agree with. It centers on dissecting and analyzing how the author’s perspective is presented. Rhetorical essays give a deeper analysis of the use of language, what message it has, and how the audience generally perceive it.

Elements to focus on in a written text

Before moving ahead to do a rhetoric analysis, you need to read the given text thoroughly. Emphasis must, however, lay on some aspects of that literary text.

  1. Speaker: This is the speaker in a piece of writing. On a few occasions, the author can be the speaker, and he can also decide to narrate the story from the main character’s point of view.
  2. Setting: Emphasis should be placed on the setting used in the text. The setting can be where the text is set, what time it is written, and in what environment it is written.
  3. Purpose: This is the reason an author has written a literary text and the message.
  4. Tone: The tone refers to the emotional and attitudinal state of the author when the text is written.
  5. Theme: This is the main message in the text. Emphasis should be placed on why the author has infused such a message in the text.

Steps on writing a rhetorical analysis essay

Writing a rhetoric essay can be so tasking and confusing, but when you understand the steps to follow, it becomes easier. Here are five steps to follow when writing a rhetoric essay:

  1. Do a purposeful reading:
    This step is the first to write an effective analysis. You need to read the whole text to extract answers to your questions. Don’t forget that the purpose of your reading is not to entertain, but to understand the writer’s strategies and perspective used in the text.
  2. Understand the writer’s persuasive strategy:
    According to Aristotle, any persuasive communication will contain these three elements:

    • Ethos: Justifies stance and exhibit morals.
    • Pathos: Evokes an emotional response in the reader.
    • Logos: Use logical reasoning and facts to persuade the reader.

    As a rhetoric analyst, you need to emphasize on the strategy used by the writer, the intention, and how effective it is.

  3. Draw out an outline:
    This step is essential for the benefit of not missing out on critical points. It also ensures that you reasonably present your arguments.
  4. Make use of the right writing techniques:
    All through your analysis, ensure you avoid redundancy and grammatical errors. Always write in the present tense and use the third person writing approach. Don’t also forget to provide adequate logical facts to support your points. You can also buy a custom essay at professional service and stop worrying about your writing.
  5. Make the necessary corrections:
    Before concluding and submitting your essay, ensure you proofread and make necessary corrections. You don’t want to lose marks because of silly errors in your analysis.

After reading and understanding these steps, you can proceed to give a rhetorical analysis of any chosen text without much stress. Don’t forget to learn the literary devices, rhetorical techniques, and other various writing strategies that the author employs in the literary text.

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