Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay In A Few Steps

Essay writing generally is what most students find difficult to understand. As much as students would like to bypass it, it should be noted that it will always be an essential part of schooling.
Writing a persuasive essay can be compared to what lawyers do in a courtroom in front of a judge. The writer decides on a position and effectively convince readers to accept his argument. A persuasive essay demands the writer to do proper research and come up with a solid understanding of the issue. The argument given in a persuasive essay must be logical, with proven facts as back up.

Steps on writing an excellent persuasive essay

Writing to persuade is not as easy as arguing with friends, but with a good understanding of how to write it, convincing your readers might come easy. Here are three ways to write an excellent persuasive essay:

  • Take a position
    The first step in any argument is to take a position. Whether to support or oppose an issue will allow you to build your points well.
  • Do a Thorough research
    A good persuasive essay must come with proven facts, statistics, quotes, and examples. Most persuasive essay topics are beyond your own experience and knowledge. So, you might need to visit libraries or do online researches.
  • Organize your essay
    Your essay must be well structured. Not everything that comes to a head must be included in your writing. You need to filter your arguments and know which facts and examples will impress your readers.

Steps on how to choose a good persuasive essay topic

Here are three tips that will help you to choose a good persuasive essay topic:

  • Choose something that interests you:
    You don’t want to sound uninteresting when persuading your readers to your stand. If a topic interests you, it will increase your chances of convincing your audience.
  • Choose a topic you can see on both sides
    In a persuasive essay, you need to be able to provide points that will show your knowledge of both sides of the topic.
  • Write with a view to convincing
    The main purpose of your writing is to convince your listener to accept your stand. It is better not to include points that will complicate your argument.

Examples of good persuasive topics

Since the first step in your writing steps is to choose a good topic, here are some examples of topics that could appeal to you and your readers:

  1. Cats are better pets than Dogs
  2. We should not travel alone
  3. Why money is the most crucial thing in a person’s life
  4. Higher education is not a guarantee of success
  5. Every American should learn a foreign language
  6. There is no equality in friendship
  7. Freedom of speech should be restricted
  8. Revenge is a way to destroy evil

An excellent persuasive essay writing should effortlessly convince your readers. With the use of current facts and useful information, it will be easier to bring your readers into agreeing with your stand. So, when writing a persuasive essay, be sure to choose a topic that not only impresses but also allows you to research facts and information.